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Become a POP! (+ Sticker Options)

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Image of Become a POP! (+ Sticker Options)
  • Image of Become a POP! (+ Sticker Options)
  • Image of Become a POP! (+ Sticker Options)
  • Image of Become a POP! (+ Sticker Options)
  • Image of Become a POP! (+ Sticker Options)

Are you a fan of Funko Pops? Ever wanted to see what yourself, friend, or loved one would look like as one? Are you looking for a unique gift to give a friend or something you can use to create unique swag for your merch table? No sweat, I got you covered!

Here's what you get with this option:
- 1 digitally drawn illustration 20" x 20" canvas.
- Illustrations are single character only. No text or graphic design. (See "Design" option if you require any graphic design work included with your Funko Pop in the main menu.)
- Client receives 2 files - 1 PNG (transparent background) and 1 JPEG (white background)

The Process Step-by-Step:
1. Once you've chosen your desired option, I will email you to get the ball rolling (or find me on Facebook and we can chat through Messenger).
2. You tell me what you are looking for, and send me any good references for the Funko Pop you desire. Also any notes you have to help me produce the best result for you from the start.
3. I will send you a sketch of the Pop according to your notes for approval.
4. Once you've approved the sketch, I will lock the design and begin inking and coloring. (NOTE: Once a sketch is approved, there will be no going back and changing anything. If you require a change after approval, there will be an additional $15 edit fee. So please be THOROUGH when sending notes and reviewing the sketch.)
5. The finished design will be sent to you and you will have one last chance to request color tweaks if needed.
6. Once you've signed off on the finished Pop Illustration, I will email you the PNG and JPEG files for you to then do whatever you want with them!

I relinquish all rights to the illustrations once it is emailed to you. You are free to make money with it however you see fit. However, I reserve the right use your toon for promotional purposes by posting on social media and any websites I own. (NOTE: I share illustrations immediately after emailing them unless client specifically requests I do not. If you wish for me to hold off on sharing your toon online, please give me a date when I may share it, or tag me when you share it so I know it's okay.)

Sticker Option Notes:
- All sticker prices are for Medium size stickers (most popular option).
- Medium Stickers are 5" in total size. Depending on the design, 5" will be split between height and width.
- Once toon is complete, a mock-up of the sticker will be emailed to you.
- If you require a social media handle be added to your toon, please include that in your email.
- Once mock-up is approved, your stickers will go into production.
- You will receive a photo of your stickers in a stack once production is done.
- Stickers will be shipped the following day unless a weekend or holiday.

Turnaround Times:
- Average turnaround time is 1-2 weeks.
- Average Sticker turnaround time is 5 business days from finished illustration.

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask via the contact page, or find me on Instagram @angrylemonade!